September 30, 2009

Fools for Christ

Pieter van der Heyden - Ship of Fools (Die blau schuyte) - WGA11410

Happy Blasphemy Day! There was a great post at by agnosticator on the arrogance of faith, and I think it is perfect for today. Using a quote from a Christian reader, the author illustrates the extreme arrogance which seems to be common among self-described people of faith. This was my favorite part:
We are called fools for being wise (i.e., intellectual or educated), while anyone who believes the New Testament's "good news" is called wise-even if he is not too bright. God loves us and wants to save us, but if you use the brain he gave might reject his offer. So, let us become fools for Christ!
It makes perfect sense to me that anti-intellectualism was necessary to maintain Christianity during the Enlightenment. It is, however, sad to see the lengths to which some Christians will go even today to maintain their religion. Those who oppose education, attack a scientific worldview, or disregard the contributions of experts do humanity no favors.