August 22, 2009

The Secular Coalition for America

Logo of the Secular Coalition for AmericaImage via Wikipedia
When I recently wrote about different types of atheist groups as spokes on a wheel, I envisioned that there would need to be some sort of hub to facilitate communication among factions and offer at least some organization. I believe that such a hub already exists in the form of the Secular Coalition for America. In fact, the more I learn about this group, the more I see it as meeting many of the goals I described for an atheist organization modeled after If you are not already familiar with the Secular Coalition for America, I encourage you to check them out.

The Secular Coalition for America provides free action alerts via email and serves as our national lobby in Washington DC. They also write position papers and help us evaluate how our elected representatives are voting. They do not have a mechanism currently in place for individual memberships and instead encourage us to join one or more of their member organizations.

In addition to acting on their action alerts, it appears that there are two ways through which one can support the Secular Coalition for America. First, one can donate directly to them through a link on their website. Second, one can join and participate in one of their many member organizations.

The Secular Coalition does not appear to be nearly as active as I would like. At the time I'm writing this post, they have no active action alerts. How is this possible? I suspect it is possible because they need more support, more money, more staff, and perhaps even more encouragement.

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