August 17, 2009

Religion and Relationships: Converting for Love

Sex and Religion album coverImage via Wikipedia

You can file this one under "random thoughts." It isn't something I've thought about much, but I wanted to get it out because it has been rattling around in my head for awhile. If religious beliefs are as important to religious people as they often claim, why is it so common to hear about people converting to different religions for the sake of a relationship? We hear about people converting to their partner's faith to get married all the time. But if one's faith is supposed to be so damned important - important enough that people are willing to kill for it - what are we to make of this?

It would seem that one's faith would have to be a lower priority in such cases than one's goals for a relationship. But if this is true, why do so many religious people insist that their faith is the most important thing in their lives?

It seems like we're seeing an inconsistency here. It faith really less important than many insist, or is there another way to understand this? I can't help wondering if I am just misunderstanding these situations somehow.

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