July 14, 2009

Obama's Quest for New Church

Poster of Barack Obama's official portrait as ...Image by Li Song via Flickr

I want to draw your attention to an interesting post at Blogcritics in which the author, a self-identified god-believer, argues that it is a mistake for President Obama to continue searching for a home church. No, it is not some sort of deluded anti-Obama rant. It is well-written and brings up some interesting points that probably won't strike you as unfamiliar.

Here is a brief excerpt:
So why the fuss about Obama’s religious affiliation? To me, the answer is simple. Christianity’s most basic tenet is that an all-knowing divine God sent his only Son, Jesus, down to earth where he allowed himself to be murdered by humans as reparation for human sins. How can an intelligent person accept such a heinous crime? How could rational beings build a church on that horrendous premise or become affiliated with such an organization?
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