July 25, 2009

Idiot of the Week: "Birthers"

'Birther' Pickup Truck Bumper StickersImage by brownpau via Flickr

It is Saturday, so you know it is time to crown a new idiot of the week. The field of idiots has been culled, and a winner identified. Let's get to the award ceremony.

If there is one thing we know about idiocy, it is that it is contagious. This week, I'm going to depart a bit from the usual practice of naming a single idiot and give a shout out to the entire "birther" movement. "Birthers" are a special form of idiots who refuse to believe that President Obama was born in the U.S. no matter what evidence they are shown. They represent a small but quite rabid segment of the far right, but they seem to be finding support from some of the big-name wingnuts (e.g., CNN xenophobe Lou Dobbs).

To appreciate the idiocy of the "birthers," one really has to watch this video from Delaware Republican Mike Castle's recent town hall meeting.

H/T to Dispatches From the Culture Wars

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