July 26, 2009

Feeling Powerless in the Face of Catholic Crimes

I watched Doubt last night. Excellent film that is easy to recommend. If you have seen it, you'll understand why I mention that I just watched it even though that isn't what this post is going to be about. I mention it only to shed some light on my state of mind. You see, I got up this morning, made coffee like usual, and sat down in front of my computer to begin my Sunday morning ritual of reading atheist blogs. Not more than 2 minutes into it, and I am so mad I feel like punching someone. What happened? I read this post at Deep Thoughts and the disturbing article to which it linked

It seems that Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Raymond E. Goedert, a former top official in the Catholic church in Chicago, has admitted that he was fully aware of sexual abuse committed by 25 different priests on his watch between 1970 and 1986. He knew that these priests were molesting children and chose to do nothing, not even report them.
Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Raymond E. Goedert's statements show "the lengths they went to to protect their reputation and the priest at the peril of the child," said attorney Jeff Anderson, who represents men who have sued the archdiocese over alleged childhood molestation.
As far as I'm concerned, the money paid out by the Catholic church to survivors of priest abuse is not nearly enough for us to consider the issue closed. As the systematic efforts to conceal these crimes, enabling the perpetrators to continue, becomes evident, it is time to stop this sick religion. As evidence mounts, not even Bill Donahue will be able to defend these guys much longer. Enough is enough!

There is an organization devoted to helping those abused by priests, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. That's how widespread this shit has been - they need their own advocacy group! Here's what their outreach director had to say on the subject:
Only a fool would believe that decades-old, deeply rooted patterns of ingrained secrecy, deceit and recklessness have magically been transformed.
What do we do? I desperately want to help people escape from this sick religion, but I feel powerless to do so. I know I can't convince current Catholics to drop their silly faith and get away from their perverted church. I hate this!

And to those who will read this and claim that I am being unfair to criticize ordinary Catholics for the crimes committed by a relatively small number of their group, I have two quick questions. First, why would you knowingly choose to associate with such a group? Second, do you not realize that the money you pay into your church goes, at least in part, to pay these guys?