July 20, 2009

Christian Investors Swindled In "Blessed" Ponzi Scheme

Peachtree City, GeorgiaImage via Wikipedia

A reader e-mailed me a heads-up about this story, and it was way too good not to share.

According to an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution from July 17, 2009, the Peachtree City Gresham Co. has been accused of defrauding Christian investors with a Ponzi scheme designed specifically for Christians. According to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Eldon A. Gresham targeted Christian investors by claiming that the "Lord had blessed him" and that he was offering his program to "a limited number of Christians for a limited time."

Wow! Not only did these Christian investors have the opportunity to invest with someone who had been blessed by their god, but it was an exclusive Christians-only deal. What could possibly go wrong?

It seems to me that credulity in one sphere (e.g., believing in supernatural entities without evidence) often generalizes into other spheres. What better marks could an unscrupulous con artist hope to find than those who have already demonstrated a propensity to ignore evidence in favor of wish-fulfillment?

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