July 1, 2009

Christian Extremist Group Calls for July 5th Jesus Fest

American politician Tony Perkins.Image via Wikipedia

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, claims to have a direct line of communication to the Christian god. And just what is his god telling him to do now? According to Perkins, his god wants him to organize yet another national day of prayer (presumably because the one we just had worked so well). Under the name "Call2Fall," Perkins is hoping to organize his followers into one big Jesus fest on July 5, 2009. In this post, we'll take a look at an e-mail about the event Perkins recently sent to those he considers his supporters and have some fun with it.

What follows are excerpts from Perkins' e-mail...with commentary. You can find the entire e-mail on Pam's House Blend without contributing to traffic for Perkins' website.
The Lord has impressed on me the need for us, as followers of Jesus Christ, to take responsibility for the broken state of our nation and go to God. But we must go to Him on His terms, in humility, prayer, and repentance as outlined in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Then and only then can we claim the promise of God's forgiveness, healing and the renewal of our lives and our land.
So this all-powerful and loving god of yours essentially wants humanity to grovel before it. Even though this being could solve the problems to which you refer in an instant, what it really wants to see is humans begging.
The day after we celebrate our "Independence," we need to re-declare our "Dependence" upon God in humble and repentant prayer. At minimum, we hope that you will spend at least a few minutes literally on your knees in prayer during worship services on Sunday, July 5th.
Dependence on your god? No, not even you or your deluded followers are truly dependent on mythological creatures. You may find it useful for fundraising purposes to speak as if you were. I understand that. You have made quite an impressive living for yourself out of exploiting the weak-minded. But I think we all know that unless we are merely labeling nature as "god," we are not dependent on any supernatural entities.
Can you imagine what God would do if millions of Christians all across our land would actually do this and mean it?
Yes. Yes, I can. Absolutely nothing. But that suits you just fine, doesn't it? After all, when nothing happens, you can always twist it into evidence that not enough people participated, that they didn't pray correctly, or some other bit of willful trickery.