July 13, 2009

Another Catholic Abuse Scandal

I am utterly disgusted with the Catholic Church for their efforts to ignore, conceal, and enable their pedophile priests to assault untold numbers of innocent children. I am not sure I will ever understand how any decent person could choose to maintain an affiliation with such a corrupt organization, much less to support them through financial contributions.

And now, it appears that yet another sexual abuse scandal is breaking. You have heard of Opus Dei, but it is time that you meet the Legion of Christ.

From a recent article in The Independent:
Parents of youngsters recruited as Legionaries described it as a cult that targeted the young and naive in particular, some of them just 13, and then "brainwashed" them. But it is Maciel himself who has proved most controversial...

It has also been alleged that he was a paedophile. The first accusation came in 1976 from the former head of the Legion in the US. By 1998, the Vatican had received sworn statements from eight men, all detailing how Maciel had abused them when they were young recruits.
The article also describes the account of former Legion recruit, Stephen Dougan:
Around the time of his 18th birthday, Dougan was summoned one night to the bedroom of his novice master. "He said he had severe cramps in his stomach. He unbuttoned his pyjama top, poured oil on his stomach and asked me to massage him. I did. Very soon he unbuttoned his pyjama bottoms and poured on more oil. He asked me to 'do it deeper'. He meant lower down. His penis was erect. I was shocked and confused. I can remember my hands in his pubic hair. I closed my eyes and prayed."
It boggles the mind how anyone would want to be associated with such a church today. As if the abuse itself wasn't bad enough, the evidence that the Church knew about it and tried to hide it is considerable. We've seen that in case after case. Even for those Catholics lucky enough never to have been abused by their priests, why would they continue to support such an institution?