June 25, 2009

Why Are Atheists So Happy?

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I recently read an an odd post by Doug Thomas written for HumanistNetworkNews.org. If you missed it, read it before you read this post. If you don't, you'll likely think I've lost it. For those who have read it, I think you'll get what I'm going for here.

I thought I'd ask a question that should be asked more often: Why are atheists so happy? Are we blissfully unaware that much of the population despises us? Do we not realize that many of our neighbors regard as as terrorists (or worse)? Our situation is unenviable, and yet, we often seem to find happiness.

When I look around at the plight of atheists here in the American bible belt, I am puzzled about how so many of my fellow atheists seem so content. We're surrounded by Christians who distrust us, believe that we are going to be tortured in an eternal hell, and who have few compunctions about telling us this at every opportunity. How we can possibly be so happy?

We do not seem to get bogged down in the daily hassles but instead manage to be productive members of society. We have careers, raise families, and enjoy spending time with our friends. We strive to make our world a better place by supporting quality education, donating to charities, and participating in our nation's political processes. How is it that we have been so resilient in the face of so much adversity?

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