June 14, 2009

Twitter Brings News From Iran

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian ...
Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian seas around (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For reasons which I personally cannot fathom, the American media seems to have decided that the Iranian election and it's aftermath were either not newsworthy at all or simply a minor story not worth interrupting regular programming. After seeing report after report on Twitter last night from inside Iran about the rapidly deteriorating situation there, I flipped to every major news station on TV.

Nobody was covering what was happening in Iran. Larry King was interviewing motorcycle builders, MSNBC was airing a sensationalistic documentary on some American prison, and Glen Beck was...well...playing with goldfish. Disgusted, I turned the TV off and went back to Twitter.

If you want news out of Iran - not the official government press releases but breaking news from the street level - check out the #iranelection hashtag. If you are new to Twitter and unfamiliar with how to search for hashtags, you can simply go here. You just may be surprised at how little the American media is telling you about the situation on the ground.