June 27, 2009

Idiot of the Week: Patricia McKinney

Idiocy may be growing in popularity these days, but that does not mean that particularly dramatic examples should be highlighted. That is exactly what happens right here in the Idiot of the Week series. A new "winner" is named each Saturday.

This week was a hard call that nearly ended in a tie. As soon as I heard about the "gay exorcism" conducted by Manifested Glory Ministries Church, I knew it would be tough to beat. But then I saw the press release issued by Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. Not only did he side with the exorcist, but he tried to turn it into a question of racism:
White homosexual activists who demand tolerance for their sexual sin have no right to defame black Christians for practicing their Constitutional religious liberty.
As tough as it was, I had to go with McKinney in the end. After all, she's the one claiming to to be some sort of prophet:
We are a spiritual church. I am an in-time prophet. I declare the word of the Lord. And all’s I’m doing [sic] is the work of the Lord. We’re not coming up against the gay community, we’re not coming up against homosexuality…
And then, there's the CNN interview.

A Christian pastor in 2009 trying to cast out demons is something that each of us should ponder, Christian and atheist alike. Exorcism was widely used as a "treatment" for mental illness during the Middle Ages. Most of humanity recognized the cruelty and absurdity of the method long ago. Then again, most people recognize that homosexuality is not something that needs "treatment."

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