June 12, 2009

Another Ecto Post

From everything I have heard about ecto, it is supposed to make using images in blog posts much easier than any of the online editors. I am used to using Blogger's online interface, so yeah, it could be easier. That would be nice because I like to use images, but I am a bit skeptical that anything ecto can do would be much easier than Zemanta.

It looks like ecto has something called "Flickr Helper," and that certainly sounds promising. After I finally figured out how to grant this helper application access to my flickr account, I see that I can search based on photo tags. I tried several keywords, and each time was rewarded for my efforts with "Failed to get data from Flickr!" No matter what I entered, this was the outcome.

I'll try bringing in an image from my hard drive. I've read that I can simply drag and drop with ecto, so I decided to give that a try first. Sure enough, it works. It looks like this might work well for images that are already on my hard drive, but it is certainly not as nice as Zemanta at finding material on Flickr. In addition, once the image comes in, it is not clear how to best integrate it with the post. It looks like there are several settings which can be changed and potentially saved in the form of presets for future posts, however, so that is certainly encouraging.

I suppose I'd have to say that the main flaw with ecto is the absence of any useful documentation, at least for version 3. I still haven't figured out how to have certain HTML automatically included in every post or how to get it to handle Technorati tags.

Quick Update: I've got the Flickr feature working now. It required installing some new components. Evidently, the developers couldn't be bothered to include the newer files in the application itself.

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