May 14, 2009

Torture: Illegal and Immoral

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As Dick Cheney and his few remaining supporters continue to insist that it was acceptable for the U.S. to torture detainees because his torture program worked and the media is now occupied with what Nancy Pelosi might have known, I continue to point out that the efficacy of torture is thoroughly irrelevant. Even if Cheney could conclusively prove that the torture program he authorized and continues to champion resulted in useful intelligence, torture remains illegal and immoral. It does not matter if it prevented some sort of attack. It is still a crime, it is still wrong, and those responsible for it deserve criminal prosecution. No amount of talk about 9/11 can change this.

I find it frustrating that the mainstream media seems as afraid to condemn torture as they are of openly criticizing religious delusion. Have they learned nothing from the manner in which they helped lead us into Bush's unjust war?

I also find it unfortunate that anyone could even momentarily consider defending Pelosi. If she was briefed on torture and did not raise hell, she bears at least some responsibility and should be investigated along with Cheney. This holds true for any member of Congress, regardless of political party membership.

Pelosi is now claiming that she was misled. Maybe. We know that the Bush administration certainly misled the American people (and that is putting it mildly). Still, I have a hard time believing that Pelosi did not know any more than she is now claiming. Investigate her. Investigate all that were responsible. War crimes were committed. It is time to punish the guilty parties. This is not going to go away.

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