May 19, 2009

More Evidence of Christian Privilege

tryin to figure out which stack theyre gonna s...Image by eioua via Flickr
The atheist billboards and bus ads springing up around the world go after theism itself, often by saying something about god(s). In the U.S., it might make sense to go one step further and address Christianity in particular. And yet, we are unlikely to see this because of the inevitable outrage and cries of persecution that would result. I suspect that even many atheists would see this as borderline intolerant. Christian privilege is alive and well.

Imagine a billboard being erected in your town encouraging people to "Pull the Plug on Christianity." Can you imagine the sort of shit storm this would provoke? How long do you suppose such a billboard would even last?

And yet, Oz Atheist's Weblog brings us news of Living Waters' billboard campaign where we see exactly this sort of attack on atheism. What is the difference? Why is this unacceptable when directed at Christianity but perfectly fine when directed at atheism?

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