May 25, 2009

Congratulations to Deep Thoughts on 5 Years of Blogging

I would like to congratulate Mojoey on the five year anniversary of his blog, Deep Thoughts. He may not consider Deep Thoughts to be an atheist blog, but he has done as much for the atheist blogosphere as anyone else. He may be best known for giving us the Atheist Blogroll, but he has also been a great source of inspiration for many of us.

Deep Thoughts was one of only a handful of active blogs dealing with atheism when I started exploring the world of online atheism. His Hypocrisy Watch series has long been the place to go in order to find examples of why religious extremism is so dangerous.

And yet, one of the things that attracted me to Deep Thoughts initially and has continued to do so ever since has been the eclectic nature of what Mojoey does with his blog. Some of his most enjoyable posts have been peripherally related to atheism, if even that. He is a happy atheist with a real zest for life, and this comes through well in his writing.

In short, Mojoey was one of the first atheist bloggers to inspire me. Best of all, he has continued to do so. I hope he keeps at it for several years to come.

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