May 21, 2009

Christians and Gay Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage RallyImage by City of West Hollywood via Flickr

One of the things I have not been doing nearly enough of here is featuring particularly thought-provoking comments from my readers. This is because I get so many that I typically feel overwhelmed when it comes time to select any. My new approach is going to be to simply select those that intersect perfectly with whatever I'm thinking about at the time I encounter them.

Here is a recent one from Jenni in response to the Idiot of the Week: Carrie Prejean post:
You know, with all this insistence by theists that a marriage is between a man and a woman perhaps they should re-read their holy books to remind them of just what kind of marriages are sanctioned by their "beliefs." According to Deuteronomy 22:28-29 a man can marry his rape victim, Deuteronomy 21:11-14 says a man can marry his female prisoner of war, Judges 19:1-30 reminds us that a man is not limited to his wife, he may take concubines. All this prompts one to ask exactly what makes theists think they have the right to define marriage at all. A loving same sex marriage is way better than any of these their bible sanctions.
Jenni's comment makes me suspect that many Christians who oppose gay marriage do so not because of anything found in their bibles but because of what their pastors tell them and because of their own hatred of those who are different from them. After all, there is much in their bibles which they are perfectly content to ignore. As Jenni points out, there is even plenty about marriage which they routinely ignore.