May 31, 2009

Christian Terrorism in Wichita

The latest act of suspected Christian terrorism occurred today in Wichita, Kansas, where another physician was shot and killed. According the The Wichita Eagle, 67 year-old Dr. George Tiller was shot as he entered the Reformation Lutheran Church to attend services this morning. Dr. Tiller is suspected to have been murdered because he performs a medical procedure with which some Christians disagree - abortion.
Tiller has long been a focal point of protest by abortion opponents because his clinic, Women's Health Care Services at 5701 E. Kellogg, is one of the few in the country where late-term abortions are performed.
While searching for additional information about this story on Twitter, I came across a comment I thought I'd share. This is from Matthew Kamar (@Darkshore):
Karma is a beautiful thing. Cheers to the hero who sent George Tiller where he belongs...straight to hell.
This, ladies and gentleman, is what we are up against. It is people like Mr. Kamar who will keep me speaking out against Christian extremism.