April 19, 2009

Survived Parents' Visit

frustrationImage by tractorpirate via Flickr

They just left, allowing me return to the quiet monotony of my routine. So much missed action in the atheist blogosphere! All in all, I think I managed things fairly well and kept the frustration reasonably muted. I was right in predicting that I'd be asked about the D'Souza book. I'll fill you in on that later. Now I just want to tell you about something entirely unexpected that really made me smile.

Early in the week of my parents' visit, we stopped by a large bookstore because they were trying to find some good travel books that covered some of the area they would be seeing. Upon entering the store, we split up and each went to look for various things, meeting back up at the check-out line.

My dad walks over to me while my mom is paying for her books and out of earshot. He says (loudly enough for at least two nearby shoppers to hear), "I wanted to ask someone who works here why they don't put all the Christian books in the fiction section." I laughed out loud and didn't even mind the dirty looks from the woman in front of us. Way to go, dad!

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