April 11, 2009

Fun with the Parents

Cover of "What's So Great About Christian...Cover via Amazon

By the time you read this, my parents will have descended on my little atheist sanctuary for a visit. It will be good to see them (for at least a day or two of the week they will likely be here), but I do not expect to have much time for blogging. For the next few days, I may have to be content with Twitter updates. There is at least one interesting argument I am anticipating while they are here.

My mom sent me a copy of D'Souza's What's So Great About Christianity (not a damn thing) about a month ago. She knows I am an atheist but it convinced that it is just a phase I've been going through for the past 20 years that I will outgrow any day now. Denial sure is a powerful thing.

The last time they were here, my mom stared at my atheist bookshelf for an uncomfortable period of time until I asked her whether she wanted to borrow a book. You should remind me to post a picture of my atheist book collection one of these days. Anyway, I expect I'll be asked whether I've read the D'Souza book within a day or two. That should make for an interesting conversation.

Hey, here's an idea: while I'm occupied with trying to prevent my soul from being saved for the next few days or so, why don't you use the comments to share some of your experiences with your parents around the subject of religion? Could be fun.

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