April 18, 2009

Demand a Special Prosecutor

American Civil Liberties UnionImage via Wikipedia

By this time, I trust you've heard about the latest torture memos authored by the Bush administration. They provide additional evidence that senior administration officials authorized torture. So far, Congressional Democrats have largely remained silent while President Obama continues to signal an unwillingness to hold anyone accountable for the war crimes committed by the previous administration. It is time to turn up the pressure and remind our leaders that inaction on such a serious matter is unacceptable.

I just signed the ACLU's petition calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the illegal torture of detainees. America's commitment to human rights is in question, and we need a thorough, nonpartisan criminal investigation.

This need not detract from Obama's focus on the economy. All he needs to do is appoint a nonpartisan special prosecutor and direct the prosecutor to investigate wrongdoing wherever it may lead. If a thorough investigation results in no criminal charges, so be it. But the investigation must take place. Enforcing the law should not be optional.

Join me in demanding accountability: http://www.aclu.org/investigatetorture

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