March 4, 2009

What Is This Lijit Thing?

Astute observers may notice a new widget called Lijit atop my right sidebar. What the heck is it, and why should you use it? Basically, it is a tool for creating a customized search box for one's blog (and more). However, it does quite a bit more for both the blogger and the readers who use it. Best of all, I plan to use it here to allow you the readers to give me input about what topics you would like to see me address in future posts.

I am very new to Lijit, so I will plan to come back and do a follow-up post or two after I've been using it for awhile. For now, I would simply like to mention how I plan to use the service.

Lijit provides me with metrics about what readers are searching for on my blog. It also tells me whether what you are searching for is fairly well covered by previous posts or not. When I notice readers searching for topics that I have not adequately addressed, that will prompt me to post on these topics. Make sense? If it works like I expect, Lijit will provide you with a way to steer future Atheist Revolution content.

Update: I am no longer using the Lijit tool mentioned in this post. I have replaced it with a Google Custom Search box.