March 18, 2009

Taking a Chance Pays Off

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I like participating in blog carnivals even though I do not always remember to submit material in time. As much as I like Carnival of the Godless and the Humanist Symposium, there is an aspect of "preaching to the choir." Sure, many of those who read those carnivals do not subscribe to Atheist Revolution, and so my participation is a good way to reach them. But it isn't like there are lots of believers reading those carnivals, and sometimes it is nice to reach them too. Unfortunately, most of the Christian blog carnivals are very explicitly Christian only. This had led me to contribute to other carnivals once in awhile, usually with positive results.

After Lijit indicated that my readers were interested in the subject of homeschooling, I wrote a post on atheist homeschooling. While recently perusing Blog Carnival, I noticed that there was a Carnival of Homeschooling. Yeah, but they would never take a post about atheist homeschooling, right? I decided to take a chance and submit my post anyway, fully expecting it to be rejected.

Here is the reply I received from the host of the upcoming edition:
Yowza. Thanks for such a though-provoking post. I haven't hosted a CoH in a while specifically because I was tired to sifting through the religious rhetoric by the same posters time after time. THIS one will certainly make things interesting.

Again, thank you.
Looks like taking a chance may have just paid off. Not only was the host receptive, but it sounds like my contribution may be a welcome change in a sea of religious posts. And you know what? Even if the carnival's host is the only one who appreciates my post, I may still expose others to a viewpoint with which they are unfamiliar. Here is the 168th edition of the carnival (update: link no longer active) where my post appears.