March 20, 2009

PZ Myers is a Frackin' Genius!

English: PZ Myers in London. Fran├žais : PZ Mye...
PZ Myers in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most of us have good ideas from time to time, but truly great ideas are rare. That is what makes them so influential. PZ Myers (Pharyngula) deserves credit for his latest great idea. He has provided atheist bloggers with the best idea I've ever heard for dealing with Christian trolls who annoy our readers: Christian Troll Survivor!

After identifying several Christian trolls on his blog, PZ plans to let readers vote them off the blog one-by-one. Naturally, an immunity challenge will also be held, providing one lucky troll with the opportunity to gain immunity from being booted. And as if that wasn't good enough, PZ has set down the rules for what will certainly be an nearly impossible immunity challenge for our contestants:
Here's the challenge. In a comment that isn't longer than about 200 words, that is grammatically correct and logically coherent, and that does not cite the Bible or other religious authorities (and does not rely on tales about who you went to high school with, or tortured analogies involving necrophiliac pedophilic milkmen), explain how evolutionary biologists resolve the trivial conundrum represented by the common question, "If evolution is true, why are there still monkeys?" Remember, answer as a biologist or intelligent layman would, not like Pat Robertson or Ken Ham.
I love it! Something tells me I may have to implement a similar version here one of these days.

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