March 21, 2009

Maybe I'm Just a Hostile Douchebag

I have a handful of Christian blogs in my RSS aggregator. I do not visit them as often as I'd like simply because I always seem to have so much else to do. I think they provide me with some valuable insights about what "real Christians" (as opposed to Christian leaders) think about. I particularly like checking out some of the better progressive Christian blogs, as it is neat to find out that I have quite a bit in common with many of them. Anyway, I was just commenting on one when it suddenly hit me that I just might be a hostile douchebag.

In this particular case, my comments were polite and actually expressed nothing more than my agreement with what the blogger was saying. I made no mention of religion whatsoever because it happened not to be relevant to the particular subject of the post on which I was commenting. With me so far?

After hitting "submit," I realized that my avatar was...well...inflammatory to say the least. As many of you may realize, I have been using the image above as my avatar for some time now. I have received many compliments on it from other atheists, and it does make it fairly clear what I'm generally about when I comment on other atheist blogs and the like. I used to tell myself that it would also help spark recognition that not everyone was on board with religion when I used it while commenting in forums not exclusively inhabited by atheists. Now it just seems douchey.

Suppose someone commented here regularly using a similar design but one where the word "religion" was replaced with the word "atheism." What would I think? How would I respond? How would my readers respond to the commenter using such an avatar?

Right, so now I'm thinking I should probably do something else. I'm perfectly happy to offend others with my words, but I'd rather not put them off before my words even register. Perhaps it is time for this hostile atheist douchebag to grow up just a bit.

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