March 10, 2009

I Need Help Organizing Photos For Blog Use

iPhotoImage via Wikipedia

I have great readers, many of whom are a hell of a lot more tech savvy than I'll ever be. It is about time I stopped struggling on my own and asked for your help with something that has been driving me crazy. I like to use pictures in my posts and have been using Zemanta to help me find appropriate ones. However, most of what it finds is not particularly relevant and seriously limited in number. As I visit over blogs, I often find excellent photos that I save for use in later posts (for example, see this one at Stardust). Here is my problem: I have ended up with a folder on my hard drive called "Blog Photos" that has grown so large that it takes me forever to search photo-by-photo for what I might want to use. Clearly, I need a better system for organizing such photos. How do you accomplish this task?

I am using a Mac these days, so I do have iPhoto '08. I've never figured out how to use it effectively for this purpose, but I suppose I could keep trying. I also have Bridge CS3, but that seems more than a little cumbersome for something like this.

I suspect many of you have implemented effective solutions to this problem, and I'd love to hear your ideas. Maybe I can learn to use the tools I have (iPhoto or Bridge) effectively, or maybe I should seek new ones.

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