March 22, 2009

AIG Outrage Obscures News of Bush Torture Regime

American International Group, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

As upset as everyone is over the AIG bonuses, I think there are two things that we absolutely must remember before we continue to allow our news media to emphasize this story to the exclusion of most everything else. First, the bonuses, deserved or not, are tiny in comparison to the amount of bailout money approved by both major political parties. Second, and far more critical in my humble opinion, the media obsession with covering the AIG story is causing a vastly more important story to be neglected: The administration of George W. Bush tortured in our name. No matter how upset we might be over what happened with AIG, we simply cannot allow top Bush administration officials and spineless members of both major parties in Congress to escape punishment. The torturers and their allies in silence must be held accountable.

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