February 9, 2009

Guest Post: Getting Involved

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One of my readers, Doc, thought I might be receptive to some guest posts as I bog down with work. Man, was he right! If you don't have your own blog and feel like writing a guest post here, feel free to do so.

Doc's guest post, which you will find below, deals with how to get involved in the atheist community. Not only did he contribute a great post, but he also nailed one of my pet topics! Bravo, Doc!

Getting Involved

There's a great little site on the web that helps put people of like minds together. Its called Meetup and I hope some of you can take advantage of how it can put you in touch with our growing atheist movement. Groups are easy to gather by using the on site search features (which happily includes categories of interest called "atheist" and "agnostic").

Starting up a new group is very affordable if none is already established near your home town. A recent success of forming an atheist group just happened this month in the city of Joplin Missouri. The group calls itself Joplin Freethinkers and they've formed themselves into an overnight society of nineteen non-religious citizens - all happy to get together and share their common bonds of baby-eating and Hell-bound godlessness. In addition, their group then successfully linked up with another nearby group, Four State Atheists, which includes members from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. WOW.

I hope you can already see the upside that browsing Meetup.com could provide to the causes of secular growth. If you happen to be disaffected or disconnected form other non-believers, this site is for you. Getting personally involved is the key to forming the kind of world we're all hopeful to see.

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