February 6, 2009

Christian Terrorist Strikes in Colorado

Małe Ciche, wyciąg narciarskiImage via Wikipedia

Given that their bible commands Christians to kill non-believers, I suppose we atheists should consider ourselves quite lucky that this sort of thing does not happen more often. Sadly, there is nothing unusual about religiously-motivated murder. What makes this case out of Colorado noteworthy is that the gunman was quoted by witnesses as saying, "If you're not a Christian, you're going to die" as he opened fire.

Eldora manager Brian Mahon, fatally wounded by the gunman, identified himself as Catholic. Evidently, the shooter did not consider this sufficiently Christian.

Gunman Derik Bonestroo may have been many things. He may have been emotionally disturbed. But it seems that one thing is clear: he was a Christian terrorist.

H/T to Antimattr