January 7, 2009

This is Accountability?

Iraq enjoys a young population.Image via WikipediaI've been talking about the importance of holding the Bush regime and those who enabled it accountable for some time. During a recent episode of The Rachael Maddow Show, Rachel attempted to spin Obama's failure to notify Sen. Feinstein about his selection of Panetta in advance of making it public as accountability? Really? So, rather than the meaningful accountability which we need (e.g., war crimes trials), we are now supposed to settle for a trivial snub? I don't think so.

Did Sen. Feinstein fail to perform her intelligence oversight responsibilities effectively in the run up to Iraq? Absolutely. Should she, and other Democrats in Congress, be held accountable along with the Bush administration for leading the American people into war based on a series of lies? Yes. A snub from Obama is hardly the sort of accountability we need.

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