January 3, 2009

Help a Pharyngula Reader in Need

Thulsa-MyersImage by skysinger via FlickrRemember all that drivel about how atheists do not contribute to charitable causes (I guess all those year-end donations I was frantically making on December 31 were mere hallucinations)? Well, PZ Myers (Pharyngula) is promoting a worthy cause and I urge you to consider joining me in supporting it.

An atheist graduate student from New Zealand, studying in the U.S. received an awful phone call informing her that her father had died. She was able to find a friend to put the outrageously expensive plane ticket on a credit card, but she is struggling to come up with the money to pay back her friend. With PZ's massive readership, even a couple bucks will help considerably. Donations can be made via PayPal, and the young woman's credibility has been vouched for by various readers of Pharyngula in the comments thread. I donated this morning.