January 2, 2009

Atheists Visiting Christian Blogs

In a recent post, I wrote, "There are many excellent pro-religion blogs out there, but this is not one of them." Since I have had a couple of readers contact me to ask about where they could find good pro-religion blogs, I thought I'd address that here. I'd also like to ask what I hope will be a thought-provoking question: Should readers of atheist blogs make a habit of visiting some pro-religion blogs?

When I think of good pro-religion blogs, I automatically think of Christian blogs. This is a function of where I live and who has visited this blog. I am not saying there are not good blogs representative of other religions, but I am not familiar enough with them to comment.

The first good Christian blog that comes to mind is HarvestBoston. I can't say I read them regularly, but I probably have visited them as much as any other Christian blog. Besides, I found them open to - and even interested in - having some constructive atheist-theist dialogue a few years ago.

The blogs associated with Sojourners also come to mind as decent examples of progressive Christianity. Another solid progressive Christian blog is CrossLeft. For conservative Christian blogs, see the list of the best Christian blogs complied by the Evangelical Outpost in 2007. Just remember that the Evangelical Outpost is fairly conservative, so you won't find many progressive blogs on their list. I suspect that some of my readers may have their own favorites, so feel free to add some in the comments thread.

Turning now to the question I asked in the introduction: Should readers of atheist blogs make a habit of visiting some pro-religion blogs? I am tempted to say "yes" because doing so may provide us with opportunities to learn from them, correct misconceptions about atheism, get some productive dialogue started, and find potential allies. We often lament the unwillingness of progressive Christians to denounce the extremists in their midst, but we do not always notice and give credit when they do so. What do you think?