December 24, 2008

You're Damn Right It's Mockery!

The festivus pole, unadorned and non-lit.
The festivus pole, unadorned and non-lit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Festivus poles were erected in at least two state capitols this season (Washington and Illinois). The response from Christians was predictable outrage. According to the Associated Press (link no longer functional), Dan Zanoza, chairman of the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee said, "I think it's a mockery." Yes, Mr. Zanoza, that is precisely what it is. And yet, it is not the sort of mockery you think.

Does anyone really think that a Festivus pole is needed in state capitol buildings? No. This is a statement. It is an attempt to mock the need that some Christians seem to have to get monuments to their religion placed in government buildings this time of year.

Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom From Religion Foundation is quoted as saying, "If the state's going to create a forum for religion at this time of year, which we do not approve of, this is what's going to happen." Until Christians learn to keep their religious paraphernalia out of government buildings, this sort of mockery will continue. In fact, I expect we may soon see it get more creative.

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