December 20, 2008

Tagged With Comment Wars Meme

Image representing Intense Debate as depicted ...Image via CrunchBase, source unknownDb0 tagged me with another blog meme. Looks like some people have too much time on their hands (including me since I'm doing this one too). I guess not needing to get all Jee-zuhsed up this time of years leaves us with extra time. The rules of this one are as follows:
  1. Declare which system you prefer and perhaps give a short history of your decision.
  2. List the reasons why you prefer your current system choice over the direct competitor (If you're using IDC, your competitor is Disqus and the other way around).
  3. (Optionally) list the reasons why you prefer your current system over your blog's default comment system (Wordpress, Blogger or Typepad most likely). If you're still using your default system, instead list the reasons why you consider it superior to both IDC and Disqus.
  4. Link to the person who tagged you for this meme.
  5. Link to any other people who are using any third-part comment system of whom you care to know why they chose as they did. You can also link to any people who are still using the built-in comment system and you want to know why. Make sure to leave the a comment or send an email to inform them that they have been tagged.
My responses:
  1. I have been using the Intense Debate commenting (IDC) system since October of 2008. Prior to that, I was using Haloscan. The #1 reason I switched to IDC was threaded comments. Haloscan offered no such option. This was fine when I was only getting a couple comments per post but made it too difficult to readers to carry on discussions with one another once more were commenting.
  2. I chose IDC largely because Db0 convinced me that it was the best choice. I looked at Disqus only briefly and read some comparative reviews. When I learned that the Wordpress folks were integrating IDC, that settled it.
  3. Um...have you seen the commenting system built into Blogger? Seriously though, it works fine when one is only getting 2-3 comments per post. As the number climbs, it it painful to use. Threaded comments are so nice.
  4. That would be Db0 of A Division by Zer0.
  5. Links to others: Cuddly Atheism, Proud Atheists, and The Stubborn Curmudgeon.
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