December 20, 2008

Questions For Bloggers Using IntenseDebate

Image taken by :en:User:Minesweeper on :en:Dec...Image via WikipediaI have been very happy with IntenseDebate since switching to it from Haloscan. I really wish they would add trackback, but I have no real complaints otherwise. Following a recent post from A Division By Zer0 reminded me that I am not using anywhere close to all of the cool features IntenseDebate offers. I am determined to do better, and I have some questions for those of you who have been using the service on your blogs.
  1. Regarding the "Follow this Discussion" button, do you use this feature? If so, which of the many options for tracking discussions do you prefer? For some reason, I'm having a hard time imagining that RSS would be an efficient way to track discussions, but I'm interested in hearing about what you do with this feature.
  2. When engaging in discussion on other blogs, do you prefer to participate via e-mail like Db0 describes or by visiting the blog?
I suppose I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately because I've been trying to keep track of too much information. Of course, cutting back is an option, but I first want to make sure I'm using IntenseDebate in the most efficient way possible. Thanks.

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