December 5, 2008

Pro-Life Atheists: Some Atheists Oppose Abortion Too

1,000,000 surgical abortionsImage by thebigdurian via FlickrI've addressed the abortion controversy here before, and I generally remember to point out that there are indeed atheists who oppose female reproductive freedom on non-religious grounds. Certainly, most in the so-called pro-life movement are Christian and base their desire to pass laws banning abortion on their religious beliefs. A recent article in Newsweek reminds us that one can oppose reproductive rights without being religious.

To be fair, I'd like to remind the reader that one can oppose abortion without seeking to criminalize the procedure. I believe that such a position is held by a great many people, and I count myself among their numbers. We would like to see fewer abortions but recognize that our preference does not entitle us to make it a crime.

Personally, I favor reducing the number of abortions performed through reality-based sex education and widespread availability of affordable and effective contraception. By reducing the number of unwanted pregnancy, we can reduce the number of abortions without having to infringe upon anyone's reproductive rights.