December 12, 2008

My Letter to Governor Gregoire

The Washington State Capitol in Olympia.Image via WikipediaI've had enough of the circus going on in Washington State. Christian extremists are making fools of themselves on the Capitol steps because they are offended by an atheist sign critical of their faith. They are upset because they consider it inappropriate for such a sign to be displayed on government property. And yet, it was they who opened this door by demanding a nativity scene in the same government building. Governor Gregoire has been standing strong so far in response to mounting pressure, but it is time that we atheists express our appreciation. I'm following Daylight Atheism's suggestion by e-mailing the following to the governor.

Dear Governor Gregoire,

As an atheist and former resident of Washington State, I am watching the protests over the Capitol holiday display with great interest. While I do not agree with the decision to allow religious symbols in a government building in the first place, I applaud your recognition that such an allowance necessarily opens the door to all who want their views represented.

If certain Christian groups want their nativity display, all other groups must be invited to participate. Once the decision was made to permit the nativity scene, allowing other groups to contribute to the display was the right decision.

By permitting the atheist sign and now refusing to bow to public pressure bent on its removal, you are demonstrating your commitment to represent all Washingtonians. This takes great courage and conviction, and I am deeply impressed with your fortitude.

I just wanted to say thank you.

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