December 26, 2008

Indiana Library Keeps Nativity Scene

Indiana state welcome signImage via WikipediaA public library in Indiana decided to ignore an atheist's complaint and keep their nativity display. According to the director of the Elwood Public Library, this was the first time anyone has complained about their nativity scene. Their rationale for ignoring the complaint was that "...the scene is not intended as an endorsement of the religion." Hmmm. I wonder what an endorsement would look like then?

The library's director says,
The way I feel about it is this is something that was donated to the library and has been a part of our holiday season decorations for almost 30 years. We were not trying to promote any religion.
Pastor James Stout of the local Joy Christian Church isn't so sure.
This is a Christian country that was founded on Christian principles.
Forget for a second that Pastor Stout's claim about the U.S. being founded on Christian principles is known to be false by anyone with even a cursory knowledge of early American history. What the pastor, and the millions like him, must begin to understand is that making declarations of this sort amount to saying "fuck you" to every single U.S. citizen who is not a Christian. That is an awful lot of people!

You know, I have met some exceptionally bright Christians during my life. Stories like this make me appreciate them that much more.

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