December 19, 2008

Hold Bush Accountable for War Crimes

The waterboarding technique illustrated by for...Image via WikipediaLet me get this straight: It is okay for the United States to participate in trying, convicting, and ultimately executing Japanese leaders for war crimes such as waterboarding in the aftermath of World War II; it is not okay to prosecute President Bush and high-ranking members of his administration for doing the same thing. I don't get it. Is torture is a punishable offense unless we're the ones doing it? This has to be some of the most blatant hypocrisy I've encountered in awhile.

After Congressional Democrats refused to pursue impeachment, many of us realized that a war crimes trial might be the last chance to hold Bush accountable for authorizing torture. However, our mainstream news media appears to have no interest in this, and so the only way we are going to have justice is if the American people demand it. I'll be contacting my elected officials in the next few days.

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