December 15, 2008

The Greatest Crime in American History

George W. Bush speaks at a campaign rally in 2004.Image via WikipediaA great crime naturally involves escaping any sort of punishment. After all, it wouldn't be worthy of the "great" label if the perpetrator was caught, would it? But the greatest crime has to go so far beyond that. It has to be truly mind-blowing, something so egregious that most observers would have deemed it virtually impossible to execute. Collectively, the acts of George W. Bush during the last 8 years constitute the greatest crime in American history.

I've had much less to say about general politics lately than was the case for awhile. Sure, I've been addressing political issues such as the separation of church and state and atheist civil rights. But these are issues I've always addressed here under the mantle of opposing Christian extremism.

The closer we get to Obama's inauguration, the more fitting it seems to reflect on the lessons of the tyrannical Bush regime. But is really isn't just the timing of his pending departure that makes this necessary. You've probably noticed that W is suddenly very concerned about his legacy and has been engaging in quite a bit of revisionist history lately (e.g., insisting that he never thought Saddam had anything to do with 9/11, etc.).

I've addressed Bush's legacy here before, and I stand by what I've written previously on this topic. The central components of his presidency are the unjust and horribly botched invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, the malign negligence exhibited during and after Hurricane Katrina, a wide array of human rights abuses peaking in illegal torture, an economic meltdown, and an astounding degree of anti-intellectualism. This is Bush's legacy, and it must not be forgotten.

Many of us called repeatedly for impeachment because we recognize the consequences of leaving Bush's crimes unpunished. With the administration coming to an end, the focus must now shift away from impeachment and to making sure that top administration officials will be tried for war crimes. We must make sure that an accurate records of this administration's deeds remain. No revisionist history can be allowed.

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