December 12, 2008

Auto Bailout: Conservatives Blame the Gay

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI - JUNE 4:  Frank Esewasys...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeIntelligent people can debate the pending bailout of Chrysler and General Motors. But breaking news has finally put the cause of their dire economic circumstances beyond debate. So, what caused these two automotive giants to falter? The gay. Good to see it did not take long for the far right to draw their favorite conclusion.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars reports on a right-wing blog out of Michigan making this claim. Start with a steaming pile of far-right B.S., blend in a willingness to place ideology far above reality, remove any trace of math skills, and stir. Heat using the hot air from one's favorite conservative blowhard and one gets blame-the-gay.

Sometimes the idiocy just makes my head hurt. This is one of those times.

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