December 31, 2008

Atheist Revolution's Best of 2008

I hadn't thought much about writing any sort of year-end post until a few minutes ago. I think I'll be content to leave that task to others who have taken more time to reflect on 2008. Instead of trying to sum up all the events of the year, I think I'll ask a different question. Of all the Atheist Revolution posts written during 2008, which were your favorites? I've listed the top 5 posts, based on Google Analytics pageviews below. From this list, I've learned something unexpected about this blog.

Based on pageviews, the top 5 posts of 2008 in descending order were:
  1. "In God We Trust" Must Go
  2. Morality Police Go After Indiana Adult Store
  3. Christian Extremist on 30 Days
  4. Democratic Party Fires Shot Across Atheists' Bow
  5. No Church-State Separation in Kearny: Matthew LaClair Revisited
So, what have I learned from this list? Simply put, I have learned that I have absolutely no ability to predict what will end up being a popular post as I write. None of the posts that I would consider my best, most influential, etc. made this list. Not even close. Does this bother me? Not one bit! I plan to keep doing what I'm doing.