November 4, 2008

Voting in Churches

Ottawa Citizen's profileImage by hoder via FlickrIn my current voting precinct, I actually vote in a community center. However, I've certainly voted in many a church too. While I was never crazy about being bombarded by Jesus imagery or reminders of the willingness of my neighbors to believe all sorts of silly notions, voting at a church was never a big deal to me. After all, I'm used to seeing Jesus crap all over cars and littering front yards. It has to be really egregious for me to even notice it now. Still, I did find something a bit unsettling about having to enter a monument to ancient superstition in order to exercise my right to vote in the secular democracy in which I live. The Ottawa Citizen printed an interesting view on this matter from a Canadian atheist. It is worth a look, especially if you are annoyed about having to vote in a church this year.

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