November 29, 2008

Glorifying Stupidity is Bad for Society

It is no secret that religion and science are at odds. Attempts to reconcile them have been popular but also in vain. Most of us recognize this now and may have even tuned out some of the continued noise in this area. However, I would hope that everyone would sit up and take notice when the religious community attacks education itself. Yes, religion has long been the enemy of reason, but there is something truly despicable about religiously-motivated anti-intellectualism. It reminds us that the lessons of Galileo have not stayed with humanity. Indeed, the Catholic Church is once again condemning knowledge in order to preserve itself.

In looking at our modern world, it is difficult to see how anyone could argue that what we really need is less education. And yet, the institutions of organized religion seem to have little choice. They have painted themselves into a corner by clinging to their "god of the gaps."

Religious belief does stand in opposition to reason, science, critical thinking, and education (as distinct from indoctrination). Increasing numbers of people are realizing this and either leaving superstition behind or embracing a watered-down version of various religious traditions void of actual belief.

Because the churches depend on the ignorant masses for their very survival, they oppose what we as a society most need. It is time for the trumpet of reason to sound. Our neighbors need to see what is at stake here.

H/T to Spanish Inquisitor