November 3, 2008

Final Thoughts on the Upcoming Election

As we Americans head into the final stretch of our presidential election, both sides continue to hype it as the "most important election" ever. It is important, but every election I've voted in since turning 18 has been touted as the most important ever. I see little reason to believe that this one is any different. Still, I will vote because I believe it is my duty as an American citizen to do so and because I am convinced that Obama/Biden would be far better for America than McCain/Palin. We need real change and not simply a continuation of failed policies and anti-intellectualism.

Something tells me that few undecided voters read atheist blogs. Anyone reading this post has likely already decided if they are voting, and if so, who they are voting for. Fair enough.

As I see it, we atheists have two reasonable choices in this election: Obama/Biden or a third party candidate. Given Palin's strong theocratic leanings, I do not regard McCain/Palin as a serious choice for non-Christians.

I plan to cast my vote for Obama/Biden - not because I think Obama would be a fantastic leader - but because I think that McCain/Palin would be a disaster. Even if I could somehow get past Palin and focus on McCain, it is clear to me that the one thing we really cannot afford right now is a continuation of Bush's policies. I'm voting for Obama primarily because I see electing him as the most effective way to keep McCain/Palin out of office. It is that simple.

If I was at all confident that Obama was going to win this election, I'd seriously consider voting for the Green Party instead. They are a better fit with the America I'd like to see than what the Democratic Party has become. However, I am convinced that McCain has a very good chance of wining this election. I think it is going to be extremely close and that Obama is going to need all the support he can get to beat McCain.

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