November 22, 2008

Blogging Tip #13: Searching Blogs Efficiently

Google, Inc.Image via WikipediaCross-blog collaboration benefits those who engage in it and strengthens the atheist blogosphere as well. Few posts address topics or issues so unique that they have not been previously discussed elsewhere. When writing a post, it is often helpful to review what others have written and to point readers to these sources for additional information or other opinions. This post suggests a helpful but underutilized method for identifying relevant blog posts.

You are probably already familiar with the Atheist Blogroll, but did you know that there was a search engine just for searching blog posts written by members? That's right, Larro developed an Atheist Blogroll Search Engine through Google so that we can search posts from Atheist Blogroll members.

I have found this tool to be incredibly useful. If I'm writing a post and want to know what other atheist bloggers are saying about it, the Atheist Blogroll Search Engine is my first stop. Consider it the next time you want to know what others in our community are writing about an issue.

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