October 30, 2008

Why Conservatives Attack the Media

The current logo of Fox TelevisionImage via WikipediaGiven that all the major media outlets have been owned by massive corporations for some time now, I've always found it odd that the media has been one of conservatives' favorite targets. It isn't like the mainstream media is actually liberal in any meaningful way. Why would the right-wing be so invested in attacking them? I suspect the answer lies in the nature of their religious base more than anything. With evangelicals complaining that their views are not represented in the media, conservatives may attack the media simply in order to rally their base.

In constructions of a "liberal elitist media," we see what is little more than a political tactic. By creating this all-purpose bogeyman, the right-wing gains a valuable tool in manipulating their base. Of course, they also gain greater control over their own message, using Fox "News" to disseminate manufactured "reality" to the masses in much the same way the politicians of old relied on the church.

The lesson worth learning here is that the pretend right-wing outrage at the media is a tool for achieving political purposes. Reality becomes secondary to the quest to gain and maintain power.

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