October 17, 2008

What Would You Do For $10,000?

A contract is an exchange of promises between ...Image via WikipediaImagine that you are contacted by a nice Christian couple who extends an interesting offer - live with their family for the summer at no cost to you, and they will pay you $10,000. Of course, they want to expose you to "true Christianity," but if you stick it out for the summer, $10,000 is yours. It can be fun to ponder over hypothetical situations like this, but what if it wasn't so hypothetical? Would you believe that Friendly Atheist has received just such an offer? Would you do it?

Assume for a minute that the family was willing to sign a legally binding contract to make sure that you knew you would actually receive the money at the end of three months. This should relieve any concern about fraud. Also assume that you could write a book about your experience afterward. I expect it would sell well too, because that would be an interesting set-up.

The scenario reminds me of 30 Days, except that three months is quite a bit longer than 30 days. Viewed through that lens, it sounds like it might be a neat experience. Then again, I assume that most readers will have grown up in Christian households and had the opportunity to know many Christian families over the course of their lives. Why would this one necessarily be more interesting, more authentically Christian, etc.?

Still, what do you think? Would you go for it or turn down the $10,000?

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