October 5, 2008

Mississippi Atheist Visits Baptist Church For Special Sermon

MississippiImage via WikipediaI always look forward to Oliver's posts on Mississippi Atheists about visiting various Christian churches in Mississippi. It often seems that he is an anthropologist of sorts entering a very strange environment and emerging to tell us about it. I couldn't do it, but I'm glad he does. For the latest post in his "Nonbeliever in church" series, Oliver accepted an e-mailed invitation from one of the pastors at First Baptist Church in Oxford, MS. He had visited this particular church before, but was persuaded to return after learning that they were doing a series of sermons on "god and politics." Once again, his experience provides fascinating insight into how fundamentalist churches in America are merging faith and politics.

Reading Oliver's post makes me more and more convinced that efforts to enforce tax laws are necessary. Churches benefit greatly from the tax exempt status our faith-based government readily gives them. And yet, it is becoming increasingly clear that many have no interest whatsoever in staying out of politics. Now is the time for vigilance.

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