October 31, 2008

Happy Zombie Jesus Day

Halloween iconImage via WikipediaAh yes, Halloween is here again. Time for all good Southern Baptists in my neck of the woods to take their children to church, remind them that Halloween is evil, and prevent them from having any sort of fun. And yet, every day is Halloween for many of these Christians. They are convinced that they are in the midst of a struggle between demons and angels, with their zombie Jesus presiding. Hell is real for them, at least as a way to condemn those who disagree with them. Some American Christians would even like to elect their favorite member of the walking dead to the office of the President.

Bring on the bad zombie flicks. For this one day a year, even those of us in the reality-based community can willingly suspend our disbelief to have some spooky fun. And what could be more fitting on Halloween than to remind ourselves that we are literally surrounded by people who believe that they are drinking human blood and eating human flesh at church? What could be more appropriate on this day than to realize that our neighbors are positively ecstatic at the idea that we will spend eternity in their hell? It is time for zombie Jesus!

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